On time and on budget delivery – all claim it, few deliver it
Discover a customer service promise you can trust

Customer service is a top priority for Portakabin. That’s why we have developed detailed customer charters for all of our businesses, setting out the outstanding services levels our customers can expect, at all times.

Excellence in customer service
The charters outline our commitment to high standards of service, building quality, delivery performance and response times.

Most importantly, they set out our promise to deliver every building on time and on budget. That’s because we understand the cost, reputational and operational damage that can be caused by late or over-budget delivery.

99.7% of buildings delivered on time and on budget
The traditional construction industry has a poor track record for on time and on-budget delivery, with an average of just 40% of projects delivered on time and 69% on budget.1 By contrast, Portakabin has a track record of delivering 99.7% of projects on time and on budget.2

Only Portakabin Group promises compensation if we’re ever late
And while many companies promise to deliver on time, Portakabin sets itself apart by backing up this promise with meaningful compensation in the unlikely event that projects are ever delivered late.

The compensation offered varies from business to business, but ranges from a week’s free hire for every day we’re late to a refund of one per cent of the contract value for every week a project is delayed.3




1. Source: Glenigan and Constructing Excellence Surveys 2015.

2. Based on Portakabin order analysis, June 2003-June 2016.

3. Terms and Conditions apply. Copies are available on request..