New Toulouse Hire Centre

After a year in Toulouse, Portakabin opened its Midi-Pyrénées Hire Centre on November 14th 2013.

This is the twentieth Hire Centre to open in France and the 116th for the Portakabin Group as a whole, which also has a presence in Britain, Ireland, Benelux, the Netherlands and Germany.

Serving local customers in Midi-Pyrénées
This latest Hire Centre opening is another example of how Portakabin is continuing to increase its presence in France, where its turnover has been increasing progressively since 1975.

Portakabin will be providing modular solutions such as offices and classrooms in Midi-Pyrénées, where the local economy includes the aeronautical industry and its sub-contractors, local authorities and health providers.

In addition to high-quality products local service has always been very important to Portakabin and has been a key element in its success.

Showroom and Storage Site
The 82m² showroom and storage site which make up the centre are located on a 5,800m² site in Bruguières, on the Petit Paradis estate, close to Toulouse.

Damien Szczepanski, Hire Centre Manager
Damien Szczepanski, 30, is the new Midi-Pyrénées Hire Centre Manager. He has already worked in the area for a year, developing solutions for local partners such as Mecaero SNC (Alcoa), the town halls (Labastide-Clermont, Lanta) and the joint local authorities of Tarn and Dadou.