Portakabin wins 'Think Green' award

Portakabin has won the 'Think Green' award at The Press Business Awards 2013 with, what the judges described, as a comprehensive environmental policy and approach. The judges said there was an excellent story to tell about the cultural shift that Portakabin has achieved. The company now sends no manufacturing waste to landfill and has put a lot of thought into the production of its products, their durability and their future use.

Portakabin has invested heavily in its commitment to the environment and even has a team of three engineers whose job it is to focus on further improving the energy efficiency of its products. Virtually every material used in manufacturing its portable buildings is re-used or recycled, whether it is steel, wood, plasterboard, plastics, concrete, vinyl flooring or adhesives.
Hazardous waste is re-used as furnace fuel once solvents are removed, while hot air from the woodworking plant is re-used to heat the buildings at the company’s York site.

Portakabin even uses an electric catering van for use on the site and works closely with its caterers to ensure food is sustainable and recycled and cooking oil is re-used to fuel food delivery vehicles. Portakabin successfully achieved its objective of zero waste to landfill at its manufacturing centre in York a year ahead of its December 2013 target.

And the company has achieved national recognition for its commitment to waste management and recycling with two major national awards in 2013 – a Gold Award at the Zero Waste Awards, only the fifth time this accolade has been presented since the awards began, and a Zero Waste Platinum Award at the Awards for Excellence in Waste Management and Recycling 2013.